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  How to initialize Wim Document Keeper for Network     2008/11/25  

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How to create a database

First, we should create physical database with database manager. For Microsoft SQL SERVER, with Enterprise Manager we can easily create physical database.
After created, do the following
1. Open the client edition.

2. Click New Database from menu "File" .
3. Setup database server configuration.

4. ClickCreate Now .

Now, we can login with Wim Document Keeper Manager and setup permissions.

1. We call database created by Wim Document Keeper Logical Database .
2. When creating Logican Database, a role named ROLEDOCUMENTSEXPERT will also be created. This role should be authorize to Wim Document Keeper users.
3. When using Oracle, Wim Document Keeper  will create synonymies with the same name as tables.
4. It's a better way to create Logical Database in a new database.

5. For Oracle, we recommend that before creating  Logical Database , a new users with SYSDBA role should be created with ORACLE TOOLS. For example, create a new user named DE with SYSDBA role. Thus we can login the client with this new user and create  Logical Database .

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